Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Whoa! What´s up with the date in the subject line? Are you trying to remind me how little time I have left?! Haha, no, I´m kidding

I can´t believe you lost faith in Madrid, Mom! I´m appalled! No, I´m kidding. But I cannot even express to you how amazing that night was! I have converted into a true Madrid fan. Before I didn´t really care too much, but the excitement of being here in the city of both teams of the Champions final was incredible! Actually, at first I thought it was over too. In fact everyone did. They actually set off the celebratory fireworks in the Atletico stadium and everything (we could see them from our apartment). Then. . . all of a sudden all the Madrid fans below our window flipped out! It was crazy! So we knew they scored, but then it got quiet for a awhile and we were confused. We finally figured out they had gone into overtime and then we heard the screams for each successive goal. We were sure by the end who won. The fans were going crazy. I can´t even imagine what the center of the city must have been like! They started setting off fireworks right in front of our window and everything. I was cheering too from the 3rd floor and waving my scarf around out the window. It was amazing (I´ll send along some pics another day) And that´s how I am now a diehard Real Madrid fan. 

Sorry, there really isn´t much to tell work wise. Edgar is from Bolivia. Sadly we found out he´s not married, so we´ll see about this date. Also we had another lesson with him and we´re not too sure he understands well our message. So we´ll see. I´m trying not to give up hope. Other than that we are looking a lot and just not finding people who are truly interested and we are having some trouble with the ward. The leaders are very hard to work with. We´re going to shift our focus to working with the members now. The good news is that Patricia and Joaquín are doing really great! Patricia was called as the Relief Society secretary. She is a bit nervous, but not nearly as much as she would have been when we first started teaching her. She has progressed so much. Joaquín´s been having a hard time lately. Emilia´s health has been worse these last few weeks. She also has been very different, more confused and depressed almost, and she is in a lot more pain so that she can hardly walk. He hasn´t been able to come to church for 4 weeks now. We finally asked the bishop yesterday if we could just take him the sacrament. We had sort of a mini meeting. We sang and had a prayer and gave the sacrament and a little message. He liked it, although I know how badly he would like to go to church. At the end my companion asked if they would like blessings. He gave Joaquín a blessing and then I gave one of health to Emilia. It was a truly sacred experience. It was amazing to speak to her and know that even if in her mind she couldn´t understand me, her spirit was listening. I felt impressed to tell her that God was preparing her for the day that He would call her back to him and that it would not be too much longer. I blessed her that these last days with Joaquín would be some of the best and that she would be at her best physically. At the end of the blessing she was instantly her old self again. It was a complete change. She was happy and amazed. She stood and walked around the room entirely on her own! She keep saying how good she felt and asking what we had given her. I´ve never seen such an instant and powerful reaction to a blessing. As I said it was a sacred experience. I left their home in tears. 

Well I have to go. That was what I wanted to share from this week. Congrats to Sarah on all of her awards and to everyone for surving school :) Thanks for keeping me updated. I love you all! 

Elder Cousins

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