Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 9, 2014

Hello family! 

Oh, I see. The date is not to remind me how close I am to going home, just to remind me that I´ve been out so long that you´re run out of ideas. ;) But don´t misunderstand, of course I´m excited to see you all again, it´ll just be hard to leave behind my other family that I have here. 

You went to a Peruvian restaurant? What did you have? Do you remember the names of the dishes? Peruvian is by far the best South American food I´ve had here. :) Yum. . . 

Speaking of food. . . today´s P-day adventure was a visit to the oldest restaurant in the world! Not just in Spain, in the world. It has a Guinness World record certificate and everything. It´s called El Botín, if you´d like to look it up. It was AMAZING. It was totally worth the 40 euros for lunch :P. I had (Mom will like this) artichoke hearts with jamón serrano (incredible!) and the house specialty, roast suckling pig. So good! It was really cool, too. It´s been in function for almost 300 years, since 1725. Can you imagine? It was way cool. It was also something that Kinghorn and I had decided to do way back when we together. So he came and finally got to do it. Galeano was there too, so it was way fun to get together with some old friends again. 

Things have been looking up work-wise as well. We have found some new people and we are trying to work with the members a lot more and get more excitement going on. We have our activity planned for the 21st. We are going to re-enact Lehi´s dream of the tree of life. We are going to create an iron rod of string and have people try to follow it to the tree of life while others try to lead them away. We also talked about a kind of block party in the neighborhood of one member. It was her idea and as we talked she got all excited about it, and it sounds like it would be a great way to get to know people and to have fun, so I´m hoping we can pull it off. 

One quick story and then I have to go. We met a new couple who had been taught once before and had a really great lesson. they committed to come to church on Sunday but didn't come, but the wife especially was really touched. She described feeling the spirit very strong. She said that before we came and shared she had felt some sort of anger or frustration, but all of that was taken away. Their names are Paula and Iván. Please pray for them. And keep praying for Edgar. He said he wants to get married and get baptized so we are really excited for him.

All in all things are going really well and I feel better. I feel like I´m focusing on the important things again too. The other day I washed a member´s dishes after they fed us and it felt really good to just serve someone and show love out of no interest of my own. I think the ward needs more of that. 

Thanks for keeping me updated. (you made me laugh with the comment about your class. Are some of them not so smart?) I for one can´t wait to come back and hike with you! As for taping the Spain games the answer is YES! Please do, it´s killing me that I won´t be able to watch it. (an hermana who lives here in Spain said that she almost didn´t come on the mission because she would miss the world cup). Also, Spain will win. Have faith. Remember the champion´s league. . .

I love you guys so much! Be safe! Until next week


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