Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013

Hey, this is just a quick hello to say I´m alive.

Love you! Bye!

No, I´m kidding. But I do have to be quick.

Important news from the week: Transfers are as crazy as ever and I´m more tired than ever.

Belén did not show up for her confirmation, unfortunately. Next week. . .

Also, I´m getting transferred. Surprise! Actually, I am really surprised. I expected to be here quite a bit longer. I´ll be here for about a week or 2 more to train Elder Bird who will replacing me in the office. And then I´ll be off to Barrio 5. . . Sol! B5 is right in the center of Madrid, including all the tourist areas, so it should be interesting. I´ll be with an Elder who just finished his training. All in all it should be an interesting new experience. I´m excited (even though I´m not leaving Madrid like I hoped). I should be pretty busy here training and getting everything done, but President wants us out as soon as possible (Elder Levorsen is leaving as well, to B3).

One other thing, we found a great family from English classes that we have started to teach. We have only taught them a couple of times, but they have shown interest, especially the mother, when we taught the First Vision and Restoration. It´s super cool teaching an entire family together! I´m a little sad actually that I´m leaving and won´t be able to continue teaching them. 

Well, that´s all for this week, sorry it´s so short. Oh, I wanted to ask about Bekah. Is she still living with you or has she moved already? I realized that I´m the worst brother ever and didn´t make a letter for her birthday! And then I realized I´m not sure where she´s at. So if you could answer back next week that´d be great. Thanks so much!

Well, gotta run! Thanks for everything! I love you so much! Until next week :)

Elder Cousins

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