Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Dear Family,

Hello! How was everyone´s week? Our´s was pretty normal, right up until the end. Let me tell you the story.

Friday morning we got a call from Belén saying she had something important to tell us. So, we set up an appointment to meet with her that afternoon in the chapel. She was very excited when she came in and couldn´t wait to talk to us. She asked if we could baptize her tomorrow. She explained that she had left one of her jobs so she had the weekend totally free, but that she was starting a new job and wasn´t sure if she would be free weekends or not. The only reason we hadn´t baptized her yet was because of her work schedule. She has been totally ready for awhile. So this was awesome news for us. At first we weren´t sure how we were going to do it, planning and preparing everything and inviting members, but in the end we decided that we shouldn´t wait. So we worked like crazy, with a ton of help from Segundo, our ward mission leader, and got everything set up for a baptism the next day. She had her interview at 4:30 on Saturday and was baptized at 7. The baptism turned out amazing! I don´t know what it was, but everything turned out so good for one day of preparation. The people she has really made friends with were there, and the best part of all of it was when Graciela (basically Belén´s best friend in the church) bore her testimony and welcomed Belén to the ward. Afterword we walked around the temple together (we had to go to Pavones to do the baptism because Bishop was out of town) which was awesome. She had wanted to see the temple for a long time. We got to explain a little about what it is, and Graciela shared how wonderful her experiences of going into the temple have been (she just finished a year as a member). It was an awesome night! It was really good for me, too. I felt again that feeling of this is what it´s all about, this is what makes it all worth it. To see a person you have come to love and care about enter into a covenant with God and to know that you have been a part of that person´s conversion. There is nothing else like it. It is what gives us as missionaries purpose, and it was really good for me to feel that again and help me refocus on the passion of the work. It was a great experience for all of us. I had a big smile on my face all night. 

I also have never had such a stressful baptism before. The whole preparing and finding people to speak and come and getting the font ready and everything all the day before was stressful. So, also, was the fact that she called us that night after the baptism to tell us that she had a work interview the next day at 11. Church starts at 10:30. So I started freaking out again. In the end there was just no way to do it and so we are just praying that next week she will be able to come to church and be confirmed. It´s not a big deal, but it was stressful.

That was definitely the highlight of the week. We haven´t been able to meet with any of our new investigators this week, Raul or Estefania. I´m afraid they´re just not that interested. We did have a pretty intense lesson with Raul, the husband of Graciela, though. He has been an investigator ever since Graciela started receiving the lessons, over a year ago, but he won´t get baptized. He says someday he will get baptized, but he has to feel that it´s time first. So decided to start the lessons again to find out where his doubt or problem is. It worked pretty well. We were teaching the first lesson and somehow it came up that he has a problem with the members of the church. He says that they don´t live what they teach. He gets upset every Sunday because some people don´t say hi to him. He says he sees a lot of hypocrisy and he doesn´t like it. He got really riled up and even said he probably would get baptized except for that. It got a little intense. We explained that people are not perfect, in fact that is the very reason that go to church, to be better. We invited him to humble himself and not let this impede him from receiving his answer and his testimony. It was intense, but good. We saw him in church yesterday and he seemed happy, so that´s good. We´ll see if we start making some progress with him. 

Not much else to report this week. We´re starting to gear up for transfers next week (the dread is setting in) so things should be getting pretty busy and I should get some serious driving time in. Wish us luck!

I´m not sure about the driver´s license or even how to update it. I´ll ask around. Oh and no going to Glacier National Park without me. That´s like one of my dream trips!

Well, I´d better go. I love you all more than I can say. I hope everyone is well. Thank for your love and for keeping me updated. See ya!

Elder Cousins

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