Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Hello Family!

It´s been a pretty crazy week over here. I guess you know all about the train wreck by now. That was pretty scary. Everyone´s been talking about it and the whole country is in mourning. We were pretty worried about Elder Ward for awhile, but thankfully he´s okay, one of the least injured actually. The new missionaries come in on Tuesday and go to their new areas that night, but since he had such a long way to go he left the next day. He was actually here in the office with us that morning. He sang with us for companionship study and everything. Now he´s back in Madrid recovering in the MTC and the plan is to have him come serve here in Alcobendas where President can keep a close eye on him. Elder Shumway (who I´ve been with for the last week) is pretty excited to train "the most famous missionary in the world." Though he will have to help him clean his neck brace everyday, which sounds a little unpleasant :P We´re all just happy that he´s doing so well. We did get to see one of his interviews, the CNN one, and it was awesome to hear his resolve to keep working as a missionary. 

Good things from the week: Belén came to church yesterday and finally got confirmed! That was awesome and I´m glad I got to be here for it. Other good news is that they have a place for the new chapel! So in a couple more years there should be a new capilla here in Alcobendas. 

In other news, I won´t be here any longer. In fact we are leaving as soon as I finish this email to go to B5 and drop me off with my new companion. I´ve realized in this last week how awesome this ward is and how much I´m going to miss people here. I started telling people I was leaving and everyone wanted me to come over one more time, so on Saturday and today we ate with families and on Sunday we had 4 eating appointments. That was a little rough, but it I´m glad I got to visit everyone one more time. I got to see nearly everyone I wanted to. It was kind of hard saying goodbye, but I promised a bunch of people I would come back on a P-day sometime since I´m not going that far away. 

Oh, before I go, I did get the card, so you can activate it. Also, thanks so much for the calendar. Can you believe it´s been a year already?! I´m flipping out! The calendar is awesome though, thanks Mom! 

Well I have to run, we´re late! Sorry I didn´t get to write much. I´ll write more next week and tell you about how the new ward and companion are next week. I love you guys so much! I´m so grateful for all you do for me and for your prayers. Be safe, be happy! 

I love you!!

Elder Cousins

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