Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013


So this is going to be pretty short. Today has been an incredible busy day and we still have more to do. Transfers are totally crazy.  So mostly I just want to let you know that I´m good and I´ll write more next week (maybe even extra to make up ;) ) I did want to let you know that Eugenio was baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday. It was awesome! I gave a talk, Wink and Levorson did another musical number and the bishop preformed the baptism. Afterword Eugenio invited everyone to his house and he had a bunch of food there! It was really nice and I wish more people had come out to support him. He´s such a good man, and he is so excited about being a member. 

Tomorrow all the new missionaries come in, so we´ll see how that goes and what we have to do. Wish me luck! 

I love you guys and I´m totally jealous that you´re eating burgers out on the deck (it´s rained all day today)! I´ll give you the whole story next week! Take care!


Elder Cousins

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