Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hi Mom! And other family members. And friends. And anyone else who may be reading this.

So things here in the office are getting more and more busy as we get closer to transfers. We have 28 new missionaries coming in on the 1st. My companion has the responsibility of finding 20 new pisos before transfer. Speaking of which we moved this weekend! President wants there to only be one companionship in each piso now, so we found a new one close by and moved in. It´s really nice too. It small, but well furnished and perfect for the 2 of us. It´s wonderful being in a piso that has not had missionaries in it before. It´s kind of like being in an actual home again.

We also went to the temple and had a zone conference last week. Both were wonderful. I really liked the conference. At the end President had us each write a letter to ourselves about what kind of missionary we want to be when we finish our missions. He didn´t say so, but I´m fairly certain we will get them back at the end of our missions. That will be really cool. 

Marcelo is doing great. We had a lesson with him about the temple the other day. He really liked the idea of being sealed as a family and said, yes I want to be with my family forever. 

That was about all that went on this week. We are full steam ahead for Eugenio´s baptism on Saturday. Not sure about Madai right now, he hasn´t been to church in 2 weeks. I love the kid, but I won´t baptize someone who doesn´t come to church. We´ll have to talk about it and what we are going to do. Meanwhile, please pray for him. 

Well, let´s see, the most common pronunciation is Cow-seen or Coo-seen (nobody gets the s on the end). One guy in B6 called me Coo-sweens. Not sure where he got the w. 

Sorry that I haven´t sent you my SD card still, I know it´s been practically forever. I just need to get something to send it in. I promise it will be soon. Don´t worry, there are lots more of the windmills. Aren´t they cool? I don´t know hardly anything about Don Quijote either, but he is all over the place here. In fact I was just in the town where the author was born last week for intercambios. I´m planning on buying a nice copy while I´m here to bring home with me. 

I thought you had already read Les Mis, and in French! Or was it The Count of Monte Cristo? Anyway, how was the movie?! I´m super stoked for it, I love Les Mis! I´ll be honest, I´ve never even heard of the Leatherstocking Tales. 

There is a musical version of Little Women? And it involves trolls? I´ve never had any interest in it, but I might now! I´m glad she got to perform and did well :) 

I don´t remember much from the driver´s test, just that it was really really easy. She doesn´t need to worry about it. For driving more, just have her drive every time you have to go somewhere. Make her the family chauffeur.

I´m not really surprised actually, that Rebekah changed her mind. I knew she was going to go to the East Coast. New York! That´s so awesome! I can´t wait to go visit her. :)

President Jackson´s daughter just got called to Orlando as well, Spanish Speaking. Talk about small world. 

I can´t believe that school is almost over. I got an e-mail from Sarah (one of my friends from school) saying that they only have a couple weeks left. That´s nuts! Time is going by so fast. It´ll be good to talk on Mother´s Day and see you all. I probably won´t even recognize the girls anymore :P 

I love you all!  Thanks for everything you do and for your prayers. I couldn´t do this without knowing you are all behind me. Take care and I´ll talk to you next week!

Elder Cousins

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