Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hello family! 

Well, I somehow completely ran out time today, so I´ll have to be quick. 

We had an awesome week this week! We saw some really cool miracles. We found this awesome young couple (like really young, they must be 19 both of them). Javier and Yesabel. They are from the Dominican Republic and they have a 6-month-old baby. We are not sure if they are married (experience tells me that no) but they are amazing! They are so humble and so full of faith. Javier told us from the first moment that he believes in God more than in his own life. At first he didn´t understand why it was important that we find the one true church, but after explaining he understood and said that he wanted to know. They both committed to read and pray and they have been doing it. They also came to church on Sunday! And the members were amazing! They took them right in and made them feel at home. The whole branch eats together every fast Sunday after the meetings (how cool is that?), everyone brings something. So they stayed for that and it was awesome! We didn´t even have to sit by them. The members just took care of them. I love this branch! 

We also brought some members with us to visit Sara and Martha and the same thing happened there. They hit it off from the first minute. Then they went to a Relief Society activity the next day and got to know all the women in the branch. They couldn´t come to church because of work, but I´m really excited for the progress they are making as well.

The Lord is really blessing us here and I feel it´s for the hard work we are doing. I came up with the goal to leave behind any barrier that keeps me from being my best. I´ve been really talking with almost everyone I can (not perfect still) much more than I ever have and there are some days it´s been hard, but the Lord is showing that He blesses us for our best efforts. I want to go home the best missionary I´ve been. And I feel like I´m doing it. 

Last cool thing. I saw the ocean today!!! It was awesome! We went up to the tower of Hercules, one of the oldest Roman lighthouses still standing. It was really cool! And I got sprayed by the waves :D It was so cool to be by the sea again. I´ll send some pics along next week.

Well gotta run. Love you all! Till next week


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