Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hey family! 

Happy. . . week. . . No holidays this week I guess. How´s it going? 

So the world cup is over. Germany is champion for the 4th time. I was pretty sure they were going to take it. Sorry Sarah. I can´t believe she got so into it, that´s hilarious! And I´m not sure I´m okay with you saying you love Messi. I respect Messi, but he plays for Barça. We´re a Real family aren´t we? Or things might get tense when I get home. . . :) 

News from the week. Javier and Yesabel are still amazing! They want to get baptized! But they are not married. And here is a twist. Yesabel is only 17. Yeah. So they´re going to have to wait. She turns 18 in feb. I think it will be good for them to continue going to church for a good time before baptism and I think it will be good for the branch to see that too. Sara y Marta are also willing to be baptized when they are sure and feel prepared. The only thing with them is being able to come to church. But they committed to talk to their bosses and try to work something out so that they can come. And Sara at least has talked with her boss and they are going to try to do something so she can come next week. So not as many big miracles as last week, but still progress. 

Hasn´t been too great in the street this week. We´ve found some new people but no one I feel is super great. But you never know. We have a ward activity planned for Saturday that sounds super fun! And we hope people will invite friends. Noemi (an awesome member) says she is going to invite a woman that she has been talking about who sounds really great. I´ve been really wanting to meet her so I hope she comes. Other than that, just doing the work. Having fun too. We went to Ferrol today and climbed all over this amazing castle that´s right on the beach! I´ve going to send along a couple pictures. 

Well I hope all is well and that you have an amazing week. Remember: I love you all much more than you know. Thank you for everything. Os amo! 


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