Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hello Family!

Well it is not Spring here, just so you all know. It´s cold. And really windy lately. :/ 

Let´s talk news for the week. It was a bit rough at some points, mostly because I´ve been sick. One day my eyes were super red and bloodshot. I´m pretty sure I scared away some of the people I contacted :P But I´m feeling a lot better now, so no worries. 

This week we shifted our focus over a bit from Patricia and on to Joaquin! He had his interview last night and passed, so it´s all ahead for Saturday! Hopefully we don´t have quite as many problems with getting his baptism ready as we did with Patricia´s. Honestly the hardest thing may be finding clothes that will fit him. He may be the skinniest man I´ve ever met. You´ll see next week. He is the best though! I am so, so happy for him! He has been looking forward to this for a long time. And you can tell how excited he his. His face lights up every time we talk about his baptism and about eternal life. He is such an example to me too, of charity and of faith. The way he dedicates his life to caring for his mother is something truly touching. I have never once heard him complain either. Quite the opposite. He is always talking about how well they are doing, about how blessed they are. It´s truly amazing. There are people in the world who have everything and I know they don´t smile like Joaquin does. 

Other news from the week. We set a date for baptism with Nabel, but haven´t seen him since. I´m a little worried. He actually started off the lesson telling us that he couldn´t be baptized (before we invited him) because he is moving. But we invited him to prepare to be baptized wherever he is. He said yes and I think he understands and wants to, but it is a scary step to take. I hope we can meet with him soon and help him. 

Those are the main events for the week, along with an awesome Zone Conference with the Area President. Super good :) I feel like this is the most successful time of my mission so far. I hope it continues to feel that way until I finish. Know that I am doing well and am happy. I love you guys and I am so grateful for everything you do for me. It´s so cool to see how much the girls are growing as well. Sounds they are both really finding their place and the things they love to do. I´ve seen how much they are growing in testimony and faith too, and I´m so impressed. Sounds like they are ready to be a couple of amazing missionaries too. :) I hope what I wrote for Missionary Month was used and that it was helpful. Please tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks for all they are doing to support me too. And thanks for the gift :) I´ll put it to good use. 

Thanks again for everything. I´m grateful to be here in the mission, for all that I´m learning and for all the blessings you are receiving too. You guys are amazing! Thank for all you have done and are doing to provide this amazing experience for me. It is worth it. I love you all so much! I have the best family! Take care this week and don´t ever forget what matters most. I love you

Elder Cousins

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