Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4, 2013


Hey so this is going to be super short, sorry! We kinda didn´t plan so well P-day today and we left emails until last and now we have only a few minutes left. I apologize, but we did have a good day. We got haircuts (blech! I so much prefer having Mom cut it in the kitchen than going to some fancy place and paying 9 euros to have someone mess it up) and went to the Prado. So that was pretty cool, I saw some parts of it I didn´t see a year ago when I went (weird...). So it looks like everyone had a great Halloween! Even though you had to hand out candy. I remember I always agreed to do it because I just ate half of it while I was handing it out. The girls´costumes are great! I hope they had fun at their parties. Thanks for sending along the pictures, but I cannot believe how tall Erin is!! Are you sure she´s really that tall? I´m barely as tall as Dad and look, she´s almost there! That´s super wild. Congrats on your goals by the way, that´s awesome! 

We had day-light savings time a week or two ago. It gets dark so early here now!

Well, this week has been pretty similar to the last. We have received quite a few references (still having the problem of having to pass most of them to other areas), but very few lessons. We did have a couple cool experiences on Sunday, though, that show that the Lord is aware of us and has plans for us. Sunday evening we went to the church to get our coats which we had left there that morning and we stumbled upon a little tea party of members and non-member friends. They invited us to stay and we were able to share a little about who we are and what we do and even give an impromptu lesson about what we believe. One of the 4 ladies there gave us here phone number and seemed genuinely interested. And the other four all said they would come to church next week. 

The other experience (really quick cause I got to go!) was that we passed by Valencia´s house. We taught him once and were going to meet with his whole family but something came up. So we passed by to see if there was anything we could for them and we found his brother José at home. He came up to talk with us in the door and he is awesome! He is super open and super interested. He said he would love to hear more and was certain that his family would too, so we are super excited to be able to teach them. Pray hard that it will happen! 

Thanks for all your prayers and love for me and my investigators and converts! You all are the best, I hope you know. I couldn´t ask for better. Be safe!! I love you!!!

Elder Cousins

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