Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hello family! 

First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!! :D I hope you had an awesome birthday! I´ll send an email to you after I finish this. 

So we´ve had a bit of a rough week. Actually one of the worst I´ve had in my whole mission. We didn´t meet with a single one of our investigators this week. In fact we had 2 lessons total. Not so great. We just can´t get in touch with any of them. And we had a hard time finding people as well. We´ve been trying to focus on working more with the members again, which is slow, but worth it in the end. There are some really great people here and last night we met with a Peruvian family who were really excited about a new friend who has shown interest in the gospel, so that was really cool. We also met with a new kid, Valencia, who is really great. He has a lot of interest. The day after our first lesson the other elders saw him and talked with him for a minute and he had already read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon. We really want to meet with him again and meet his family. Yesterday we also met with the Bishop and he showed a lot of interest in helping out more with the work. He talked about a ward mission plan he is working on for next year and he gave the names of several less active members to visit. So there are some good things going on, we just have to have patience. I´ve been studying patience a lot this week. And I know the Lord will bless us with success if we endure our trials now. I know because I´ve seen it before. 

It´s been a little bit hard because I feel like it´s partly my fault we haven´t been meeting with our investigators. I think I may have already scared them away a little bit by focusing too much on baptism. The real issue was that I wanted them to get baptized for me not for them. I just wanted the number really. Which is scary for me. I need to relearn how to really love and serve my investigators. Luckly I have some great examples around me, and I´ve at least recognized that I need to change a lot. But that´s life. 

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of news for this week. A lot of time out walking in the rain and not feeling too productive. You asked about my companion, though. He is from Salt Lake City and he has been out for about 6 months now (same group as Kinghorn). So far we are getting along really well. We are pretty similar people and we have similar taste is music and movies and such, so we have an easy time finding stuff to talk about. Which is good, but sometimes I think we need to be a little more focused. He´s been doing some adjusting after his last area. But it´s a good thing. He said the other day that just the short time we´ve been together he´s learned a lot about how to have fun but still work hard. He said he was happy too and excited to work harder and be more obedient, so that´s good. I just feel bad we aren´t seeing the results just yet. 

Sorry I don´t want to sound depressing or anything like that! I´m fine, just waiting for things to get better. Stiff upper lip and all that, old man. Thanks so much for sending the package! I´m excited and I hope it gets here OK! That´s really bizarre what happened with it. For Christmas, let´s see. I could use some more socks (how lame is that :P) including maybe a pair or two of really warm ones to sleep in (it´s getting cold). I´ll let you know if I think of anything else. What you sent last year was great. Mainly useful stuff and maybe a few little fun things. 

Well not too much to share today, sorry this short. Hopefully next week I´ll have more to report. Please keep praying for our investigators and for me and my companion. I know it helps a ton! Thank you so much for all you do, for all your love. Take care, good luck with Halloween and have a great week! 


Elder Cousins

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