Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013


Sorry this is going to be short again, seeing as there are 5 of us here in the office and only 4 computers. 

I´m glad you were not worried, I was afraid you would be. So yes, I am now serving in the mission office. My official title is the Mission Historian and basically I do everything else that the other 3 don´t do. My main jobs are entering baptismal records into imos, sending out references and ordering and delivering supplies and chappas to the missionaries. I also do the weekly bulletin that goes out to all the missionaries. As Elder Levorsen says I´m getting plenty of preparation for my future calling as ward clerk. I don´t know if my Spanish is that good, but being in the office definitely involves doing some translation. I´m totally scared to drive, but I haven´t started yet, so I´m just not thinking about it until it´s time. We still do some proselyting work (when it´s not transfers week). We leave the office between 5 and 7 everyday and go out to work and we normally don´t come in on weekends, so it gives us a decent amount of time to do missionary work. Alcobendas (my area) is actually one of the highest baptizing areas in the mission. We have more progressing investigators here than we did in B6. So far I really like the area. Our ward has about 100-120 active members and they are very involved and excited about missionary work. About half the ward is recent converts. My address is just the mission office address. 

Elder Winkelkotter was raised in Texas but lives in South Jordan. His name is from Germany and it means something akin to ¨farmer.¨ The people actually have an easier time pronouncing his name than mine. The ¨ou¨ is impossible for Spanish speakers. 

I got to meet some of our investigators this week. Marcelo is our main guy. He has a date for the 13th of April and is super prepared! I haven´t met anyone so far in the mission who is so excited about the gospel. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and how to recognize the spirit and he was describing the spirit before we even taught anything. There is good work to be done here.

We are not very far outside Madrid, but this town is a lot prettier than the area I was in before. There are cool monuments in every roundabout and several really cool tile murals I´ve seen. I like it here. 
So this week is ¨Semana Santa¨ or Holy Week. They take the entire week off leading up to Easter. I´m not sure what kind of partying they do, but I guess I´ll see. 

That´s awesome that Bekah presented her thesis at Utah State! Did she fall in love with the campus and decide to go there? Just talking about it trunks me out. I love Logan. So it´s between west coast or east coast eh? Whatever happened to DC? I was sure she was going to go there. 

Congrats to Erin on her track meet! That sounds awesome! Apart from the bleachers. 

The Tardis is wonderful. Sorry it´s not bigger on the inside though. At least you´re safe inside it. 

Gotta run. Thanks for everything, sorry I can´t write more. We´ll see if I have more time next week. 
I love you guys!

Elder Cousins

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