Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 27, 2013

Dear Everyone,

So I guess you´ve realized that next week will be when we switch P-day to Monday. Sorry if you were expecting an e-mail earlier.
So, I have some exciting news this week! Kancho came back from Bulgaria last week and on Friday we met with him again. Of course we brought up the question of baptism. He said that while he was in Bulgaria he talked to his family about the chruch and explained basically what we believe. He said that they told him if that was what he wanted they had no problem with it, but they did say to be careful because you can´t be baptised twice. He explained to them about the authority (!) and how it was necessary and told them that when he got back to Spain he was going to be baptized. So this Saturday we have another baptism. I´m more than a little happy. :) He also said that after baptism he hopes things will be a little more clear for him about whether he should stay here and get married or if he should go back to Bulgaria. We promised him that the Spirit could help guide him on that. So if you could keep him in your prayers, that the baptism will go well and that he can be led, that would be wonderful. I know your prayers have already helped so much.
That´s about all the news for this week. Daniela has been gone to London and just got back yesterday so we´re going to visit her tomorrow and keep preparing her for the 9th. Eduardo came to church this Sunday with one of his sons, but Paula went to her Evangelical church. They are both interested and have desires to learn, it´s just a slow process. But they have come a long way already since we started so that is awesome. Other than that we are just continuing along, working hard and trying to better everyday. Life in the mission.
I´m glad you guys are doing the media fast altogether as a family and I hope it´ll be a good experience for everyone. Good luck to Sarah and Erin on your dinner discussions and remember the most important thing is the Spirit. The best thing you can do is bear your testimony. Be confident. You´ll do great!
Congratulations Erin on your new calling! That´s awesome! It is a great experience being part of the class leadership and they couldn´t have picked anyone better to do it. Just remember that Christ taught that leaders should serve those they lead. Love the girls in your class and be an example and you can make a difference in their lives. God will help you out. I love you!
Good luck as well to the girls in track and plays and everything else that´s going on. I always pray that you are doing well in everything and that you can continue to spend your time doing the things you love and improving everyday.
Thank you Mom for your advice today. Love, serve, teach. I like that loving and serving come first. Sometimes we get caught up in our role as teachers, and it´s true that nothing will help the people like learning the restored gospel, but they need to accept it too and that comes easier when they feel it and see us living it.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Try not to go into media withdrawals and find other fun things to do, especially as a family. Keep being awesome!
Elder Cousins

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