Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012
Hola, Padre y todas!

P-day again! Time is really going fast here! This week the group of French missionaries left for the field so Elder Adams and I were the only ones here for a little while. Yesterday about 20 missionaries from all over Spain arrived, and 5 Americans should be arriving any minute now. Things are getting a lot busier here. I´m excited for how much practice I´m going to get speaking and hearing Spanish now. It´s also very obvious now how nice our teachers have been to us. Most people don´t talk that slow. Nothing too exciting planned for p-day today. I need to get a haircut and some dry-cleaning done if I have time. We´ll probably play soccer with the new missionaries, and I will definitively get my butt kicked, but maybe I´ll learn something. Sorry, that´s not even interesting. Oh, but I haven´t told you about last week! Last p-day we went out into Madrid and did some sightseeing (finally)! We saw the Royal Palace, went inside a massive cathedral with these beautiful stained glass windows and stopped at Bernabeu. I didn´t want to pay to go inside, but some of the others did and said it was pretty cool, you got to go anywhere, so maybe I will another time. Haven´t seen any Real Madrid players yet, but I´ll let you know. I took about a hundred pictures, so we´ll have to figure out the best way to send those to you guys. I think probably trading SD cards would be easiest. I still have room for about 1000 though, so let me know what you want to do.

Speaking of pictures thanks so much for the ones you sent! It´s good to see everybody and to her what you guys are up to. How did the girls like Bryce? I never asked, how was your race? We should go to the Tetons sometime after I get back (not to go running, for fun). Thanks for sending me that stuff! And, no I can´t believe, but that´s awesome! GO AGGIES!! 

Erin, you are playing volleyball, that´s awesome! I love volleyball! Hitting the ball does take some getting used to, but after a while you don´t even notice. That´s a good way to make friends with the girls in the ward as well. What else are you up to? 

Sarah, I hope you get the part in the play. Some of my favorite memories as a family are going to see the Christmas Carol together and getting to watch you perform in it. Who are you trying out for? I´m glad you are still working at what you love. Don´t give up!

Sorry there´s nothing super exciting to tell this week. I´m starting to want to be out in the field. Hopefully things will go quicker with more people. Oh, one last thing. No, two actually. First, thank you Mom for your letter! I was going to send a response with the girl´s letters but I ran out of time. I´m glad you have a good class this year, and it´s wonderful to think that you are being blessed because of me. That makes the sacrifice so much better.

Well, I must run, but thanks for keeping me updated! I love you all and pray for all of you everyday. Thanks for everything!

Elder Cousins

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