Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 6, 2012

Hi, Mom! 

Wow, I get to hear from you twice in one week (I received your letter on Tuesday, so it takes about a week for mail to get here)! What a good week! Thanks for all your stories, I love hearing about what you are all up too, even if I don´t have very much time to respond. So Sarah wants you guys to become storytellers so she can live life on the road, eh? Haha! Actually, she would probably be the one telling the stories! Did you hear any really good ones? Any of the same ones we´ve heard before? I´m trying to remember the last time I was at the storytelling festival. I think I missed it last year for some reason.

I don´t remember Cascade Springs, I don´t think. I have the worst memory. That sounds like me though, wandering off into the nettles. Other than that it sounds like a nice place. I´m super jealous, I wish I could get out for a hike. It´s weird not having mountains all around. There are mountains to the South and the West, but they are pretty far off. Hopefully I´ll get to go into them someday.

That´s really nice that people are asking about me. Pass on my thanks to them. I can definitely feel people´s prayers.

I am still doing great! I love being here. It´s hard, but I can feel how much more the Spirit is with me all the time. I am learning so much about the Gospel, and my desire to share it grows all the time. Spanish is coming along great! I can actaully see myself progressing everyday, that´s how fast I am learning. I am using the theta now (though it´s pretty easy to turn it on or off) and it actually is the letter z. So any time there is a z, a ce or a ci you pronouce the theta. Everyone here uses it, so you pick it up pretty quick.

I am almost out of time, but I do have a few requests and then some spiritual thoughts to share. First requests: I was wondering if you could send me a copy of my patriarchal blessing (I don´t have one), my priesthood authority line card (Dad should know how to get that), and (this last one is a little odd) any information or stories you have about the missionaries who taught Dad´s grandparents and started our family in the Church. We listened to a talk last night by Elder Bednar and his wife. I realized while his wife was speaking that everyone in the Church can trace their membership back to missionaries and I felt prompted to find out about the ones who taught our family. I also was filled with gratitude for a family in the Gospel. Mom, I am so grateful you made the choice to join the Church and to be married in the temple. The blessing in my life because of it are innumerable. Dad, I am so grateful that you stayed true to what you know and shared it with the person who means to most to you. I am grateful for your powerful examples and for your love. I love you all, stay safe.

Elder Cousins

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