Wednesday, August 22, 2012

(We got to talk to Quinn for about an hour yesterday when he called from Atlanta during his layover. He was the only missionary going to his mission to have gotten his visa. He said the others most likely will spend the next six weeks in the Provo MTC. He was able to travel with a couple of missionaries going to the Barcelona Mission, though. Today, we got this email from him letting us know he made it to Madrid!)

¡Hola de Madrid! Check it out, even the keyboard is in Spanish so I can actually do that! So, the staff here was kind enough to allow us time to e-mail our families and let you know that we arrived safely. This place is way more chill than Provo. And a lot smaller. In fact myself, the two elders who also flew from Provo, and a couple of French missionaries are the only ones here right now. There are more teachers here than missionaries! They said they were expecting 23 others from Provo, but visas didn't work out. Thank you again so much for getting mine in early, Mom. It´s the only reason I´m here. Everyone here is so nice! I love the teachers. They are impossible to understand when they speak Spanish, though. During lunch the 3 of us just sat there watching, with no idea what was going on. I did say I felt like I needed to push myself harder in the language. Careful what you wish for. I´m stoked though. It will be hard, but my Spanish will be so much better for it! Also, they do use the theta (¨th¨ sound on certain letters) and it makes all the difference. I don´t recognize words I should. I think I´m going to make it a goal to learn with the theta.

The flight was terrible, in case you were wondering. I didn't sleep very much and I had nothing else to do. Plus, thirteen plus hours in an airplane in one day is no bueno. The three of us have been walking around like zombies all day. After dinner they will let us go to bed, which is in only. . . (great, I have to learn 24 hour time also) . . . 4ish hours! Jet lag is awful. Also, we keep getting confused that today is actually Wednesday.

Enough negative, something awesome is that I can see the Madrid temple out my bedroom window! It is right there. In fact the MTC and the Stake building are actually part of the temple grounds. Tomorrow morning we get to go to the temple (Thursday is P-day here), so I´m stoked about that.
I can already tell this place is way cooler than Provo. For one thing we have already left the grounds to go see this ghetto, but awesome concrete futb├│l pitch that we can use during gym time. I totally want to go sometime, but it may take some convincing the other elders. It was roasting outside! I mean, the hottest you've ever felt. It is really dry though, which I´m happy about. 

I also found out we do get to go to the park every Saturday and contact real people for a couple hours. The teachers said everyone loves it, so I´m excited. The best thing though is, get this, on P-days, in the afternoon, we are allowed to go wherever we want! We can totally go sight-seeing and exploring! I can´t wait! There are so many cool things to see here!

Well, that´s all I have time for. I still can´t believe I´m actually in Spain, in a totally different country. I can´t wait to learn to love it and the people! Wish me luck! I love you all! ¡Hasta luego!

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