Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

So. This is interesting. . . 

As you so subtly mentioned, this is my last transfer. I now know my last area and my last companion. And they are both new! And you´re going to flip.

I may have mentioned before how much I´ve always wanted to see Galicia. . . I am now living and serving in Santiago de Compostela, the famous end of the pilgrimage Route of Santiago, 8 hours north of Madrid and the capital of absolutely gorgeous Galicia. I am already in love (I don´t know if it was just the 8 hour nighttime train ride or the 2 years without leaving Madrid, but I literally cried at 6:30 this morning when I began to see my first glimpses of the Galician countryside. It is so beautiful!). I got on the train at 10:30 last night, and arrived in Santiago at 7 this morning. Bit of a long day. We did our shopping this morning and then a quick tour of the city. The biggest attraction is the cathedral where Santiago (or James) the apostle is supposedly buried. It was very impressive. They say that Santiago is the second most Catholic city in the world (after the Vatican). I guess we´ll see how that affects our work. My companion (Elder Eskelson) says that we have about 30 members in the branch (much smaller than I´m used to), but that they are very close as a group.  I have the goal of visiting all of them this week if possible. I´m actually really excited to work with a smaller group of members and more closely with them. I´ll have to work quickly. I can´t believe I´ll only be here 6 weeks. I also have the goal to see as much of Galicia as possible in 6 weeks. I still can´t believe I´m here, it doesn´t feel real! I can´t wait to see your reaction next week! Haha!

My companion is Elder Eskelson. He is from a town just north of Logan, also went to USU and also can´t stand BYU, so we´re getting along perfectly. Haha, no but really so far it´s gone great. I´m excited to just go crazy and give my very best this last transfer. New places and people give me excitement and that will help me work. 

Other news. . . It was pretty difficult in the end for me to leave B2. It had it´s challenges, but there are also some very very special people there. We had a tender moment saying goodbye to Patricia and Estefany and later to Joaquín. But perhaps best of all was being with the Bonifaz family one more time and the gift they gave me. I wrote a little letter to them during sacrament mtg, expressing my thanks to each for all they have done and telling them that they are honestly the member family that I have become closest to in my whole mission. They gave each of us a gift and note as well when we left their house. They told me as well that they consider me one of the family, but the very best was the extra note that David put in. He is their 22 year old son who just put in his papers for the mission. He said in his note that I have been one of the people who´s testimony has helped him decide to serve a mission. I can´t tell you how happy I am. I am so excited for him to have this experience. So so happy. Lots of tears in the last 24 hours. The mission is like that. 

So, now it´s dumping rain. Also part of Galicia :) 

As for the World Cup, Spain has just turned their back on the selecion. From what I´ve heard they are just making fun of them. Kinda sad. Do you know if this is true? I heard Xavi Alonso just left the team, like he won´t even play the next game. Wow. All is up in the air right now with the US right? They tied with Portugal so I have no idea what´s going to happen. Meanwhile Germany is powering their way through everyone. I guess we´ll see.

Well fam, I think that´s it. I´ll send along some photos from today as well (now I do wish I had a camera!) We´re in the last leg of the journey now. It´s going to go quick. Let´s finish strong together. Keep praying and I´ll keep working and we´ll see some miracles here. Love you all! Be safe


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