Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 5, 2014


Wow, Sarah went on a date with Zach Galafanakis! That´s crazy! So how old is this kid? I mean I´m all about the beard, as you know, but aren´t these people in high school? Also, I have mixed feelings seeing those pictures. Maybe it´s better I wasn´t around. . . But I´m glad Sarah had a good time. :)

Erin has developed an incredible ability to make me cry like a little girl. Thanks for sending along her talk. It was amazing! Wish her luck for me in her games this week. I cannot wait to get home and see her play! And to play some together too :)

So it looks like everything is all cleared up with the passport. Went down to the embassy on Tuesday and ordered a new one. Cost me 135 dollars! :O I should have it in 2 to 3 weeks, so no worries I think. They also had me fill out a form to cancel to old one and report it stolen so that hopefully no creeper can pretend to be me. Don´t worry about a new camera. I don´t have that much longer left. I´ll just steal pictures from other people. I´ll get a new one. . . someday. I could use some deodorant, though. I ran out and had to buy some from the supermarket here and it´s terrible! It smells like alcohol until I start sweating and then it just smells like sweat. Not cool. A couple sticks should be sufficient. Sorry I didn´t tell you before you sent the Easter package.

Crazy about the Champions League! I didn´t watch the game (don´t worry) but I did see a clip from the Madrid-Bayern game where Madrid takes it from their goal all the way across the pitch and scores in 12 seconds and 10 touches on the ball. Beauty. 

Well, things are going a little slow here. Alex and his family didn´t come to church. But we did teach them the plan of salvation and talked about eternal families, and I think they it gave them a lot more motivation to find out if this is true. Every time we meet I´m amazed by how great they are, and I´m sure that they will get baptized, it´s just a slow process. Other than that there´s really not much to share. We´re in a bit of a low point but things are starting to look up. Next week is transfers, I think I´m staying but I´ll actually be able to tell you beforehand because we are going to talk on Sunday.

So Mother´s Day! We are planning on getting on to Skype around 9, so 1 your time. Would that work? Bueno, I guess it´s going to have to, we aren´t going to talk again before then. I would be ready a little bit beforehand, like 20 minutes before, because we may be able to get there earlier. That should give us about an hour to talk if all goes well with the equipment (which it never does). So we´ll see. but I´m pretty excited to see everybody again! 

Well I gotta run. We are going to go do something fun today since we had to go to the embassy last week :( Sorry this isn´t the longest email, but it doesn´t mean I don´t love you. Just so you know. I love you all tons! Take care and thanks for everything! 

Elder Cousins

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