Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7, 2014

Well, the mission doesn´t change everything you know. :D It´s good to see that you´re still the same too. Hahaha, I love you :) And for the record I don´t think you or Dad is old or decrepit. Just. . . experienced. :) Haha, kidding, kidding.

Hey thanks so much for working out the whole housing thing! That sounds perfect! Oh and Matt and I will try really hard to maintain the whole "quiet study area" thing. Promise ;) As for classes mostly generals would be great. I haven´t changed dramatically my major or anything like that. But, here´s the thing. I originally was set in the Bio Engineering path, but I got scared as a little freshman and so I changed to just Biology. The thing is I want to go back to the Bio Engineering course and I´m pretty sure about it. But don´t worry about all that. For now I´ll just go with where I´m at and hopefully I should be able to switch back second semester. As for classes to sign up for, the easiest would be to talk with a counselor I imagine. There should be some way to find out who my counselor is, explain to her the whole situation (like she doesn´t deal with it everyday) and get her help to set up a schedule. Like I said just getting generals out of the way sounds good to me, plus whatever bio classes the counselor suggests. I´m sure the school deals with this all the time. Hopefully it won´t be more difficult than a couple of phone calls. Let me know what else you need. 

Things are going well over here in my neck of the woods. We have found some new people through our contacting efforts (as you said there are always new people to talk to here). One of them is super cool! His name is Marco Antonio, he is taking his exams to go into the military (he wants to be a pilot), and is about 22, 23ish years old. He prays and has read the bible various times (impressive!). The lesson with him was really cool and he accepted the invitation to be baptized when he knows that what we teach is true. I´m really excited to work with him! 

The other coolest thing from this week is that we set a baptismal date with Andrea! She accepted with no hesitation as well and even started to ask about the actual service, would she need to bring anything, etc. It was amazing! I´m so grateful to the Bonifaz family, I know they have done a ton in her preparation and even more now to help her. They brought her to a session of General Conference this weekend and we got to talk to her a little bit about the temple afterword. I think it was a good experience for her and she got to know a bunch of the Young Single Adults in the stake, so that was really cool. I´m way excited for her! 

We are also teaching Carla who is really great! She is amazingly sensitive to the spirit for someone who doesn´t have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. She has a ton of faith too, and strong desires to do what´s right. We would for sure have a fecha with her as well, but she is living with the father of her son and they are not married. We don´t want to set a fecha until that is resolved so it may be a bit more of a long term process with Carla. But she really is amazing and super prepared as well.

That about covers our investigators for right now. We met a super cool guy, but he leaves to France tomorrow :( We´ll have to pass him over there. Which reminds me (France), what did you all decide about coming to get me at the end of my mission. I have more or less come to terms with the fact it is actually going to end (sniffle) so you can tell me without me getting mad. Plus I think if you are coming you have to let the mission know beforehand, like as soon as possible. I maintain my neutrality in the issue. I will be honestly happy either way. So don´t allow me or anything I´ve said before influence in that. One thing, I know how special it would be for you 2 to go to France again. So just let me know what you´ve decided :) Thanks and sorry for being mean about it before. 

Last thing: we are all pretty disappointed with Real Madrid right now, (even if they do have the BBC for a front line). I don´t know what the Atlético players are taking but the balance here has been disturbed. But I maintain myself a true fan. Even though they suck right now. 

Well, mi querida familia, that is all for this week. Os amo a todos. Bastante. Cuidaos. Until next week. I love you!

Elder Cousins

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