Monday, January 13, 2014

January 5, 2014

Hello Family!

Well I may to be quick this week, because I am getting transferred, but not too far away. I´m going to Barrio 2, which actually borders on Barrio 5. So not a whole lot of difficult traveling. Pretty sure now that I´ll be spending my whole mission here in Madrid. I expect one other area after this and I don´t think it´ll be too far away. I don´t have a problem with it though. I love this city! And I know just about all of it now, which is pretty cool. 

I am a little sad to leave B5 though. It has been by far my favorite area so far! I absolutely love this ward! The members are amazing and things improved so much during my time here. Big things and big miracles are going to happen here during the next year, I know it. I can´t wait to see them! Luckily I´m right next door so I can come by and visit. We also have the most amazing investigators here! I´m so sad I didn´t get to see some of them before leaving, but again, I´ll definitely come visit. (My new companion may not like me on p-days :P) 

I´m really excited to go to B2 though. I´ve heard it´s a great ward and I´m excited to get to know new people and places and to face new challenges. I know the Lord has things in store for me that will help me to grow and progress even more. And that´s life. 

Also, I ended my time here in the best way possible: with 2 baptisms! They both turned out so great! Both Ruth and Arthur are amazing! I know they will continue strong in Gospel and both of them have families that will also be blessed by their decision to be baptized. The best part of it all was that Elder Weixler got to baptize Arthur for his first baptism! The two of them have such a special bond, honestly we wouldn´t have been able to teach Arthur if not for that. So it was so special to see them step into the font together. Arthur has come a long, long way. 

I did get my Christmas package, thank you so much!! It was way bigger than I expected too, eh? Thank you all so much for everything and especially for all the love you sent. 

Sorry that is this is so short, but I´m super glad to hear from you and that you are all doing so well. You all are in my prayers everyday. I love you all so, so much!! But really. I´m glad you had a good Christmas. Take care,

Elder Cousins

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