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December 9, 2013

Happy, Merry Christmas, Season Time!

It’s that time of the year again! Today we had a 2 hour practice for the concert we are putting on the 16th. All the missionaries in Madrid are going to sing for it. It’s pretty exciting. Hopefully it turns out well, we aren’t exactly the greatest singers ever.

They’ve made Christmas a P-day this year, which is different. I’m trying to figure out what we are going to do all day. Apart from talking with y’all obviously.

So I’m afraid my Christmas package won’t make it to you before the big day. Dad is pretty hard to shop for and we haven’t had much time. Sorry about that.

Sorry also that you didn’t receive a letter last week. It’s a bit hard to be on time with these paper letters and then I just completely forgot to send it off. So you get 2 letters this week, yay!

In other news, Ruth wants to change her baptismal date. It’s just a scheduling issue, she’s totally ready to be baptized. We’re about halfway done with teaching the commandments and she has no problems. She was drinking coffee, but she gave it up no problem. So we just have to set a new date with her on Wednesday, hopefully for not too far in the future.

Jhony made good on his promise and came to church yesterday! He is reading also, quite a bit. He gave a spot-on summary of all he’s read. He just needs to start praying. Every time we are with him though, he says that he really enjoys it. He said the same about church and that it was a good experience.

We had some real miracles this past week though, thanks to the members. We had no less than 3 unplanned lessons where members introduced us to their friends. We ran into a member couple on the street and they took us to a family that lived nearby, a member came into the chapel with some friends and they invited us over for lunch, and we went to visit a member and he called up a friend he’s been working on and we were able to teach him right then. It’s amazing! This is how we need to work closely with the members. I love the members in this ward, they are so incredible!

Arthur is doing really well also. He is down to one cigarette about every other day now. If all goes well, I may be able to be here to see him baptized. That would be awesome!

One last quick note! For Skype on Christmas we are thinking about 5 ‘o’ clock. That should be about 9 in the morning for you guys, I think. I don’t think that will be a problem, right? Anyways,  I hope you get this on time and are all set up when I call. I’m sure we’ll make it work. Also, sorry that your Christmas package is going to be late again. :P Well, see you soon! I love you ! 

Elder Cousins

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