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November 25, 2013

Querido familia,

Hello, again!  How’s everybody’s week been?  Thanks for sending along that email by the way.  In case there is still any question, you should write by snail mail.  I won’t see any emails you send.

So yesterday we had transfers.  As expected Elder Weixler and I stay.  This will probably be my last here in B5 so let’s see if we can get some baptisms together.  I’m glad to stay.  Our awesome district got split up though!  Hermana Hone and Hermana Caballero, both of whom have been here since I got here, get shipped out.  It was pretty sad.  Our district is really close.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten kind of bummed out by transfers.  But luckily they are both close by so we’ll see each other around.

Things are going pretty well with our investigators.  We’ve been so blessed to find people so prepared for the gospel.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet with some of them this week, so progress is a little slower than usual.  

Ruth is doing great.  We didn’t get to meet with her, but she came to church on Sunday.  Almost on time, too, so we got to show her where Relief Society was and everything.  And then she was just with members the whole time and even stayed after for something the Single Adults were doing.  That’s something I really like about Ruth: she just goes up and talks to everyone on her own.  From the first time we met at the church she went up and introduced herself to everyone there and called everyone “brother” and “sister”.  She already talks like she is a member of the church, too.  Feel like she already has a pretty strong testimony.  I think next time we are going to talk about baptism.
Sadly, she was the only one who came to church apart from Isabel (a lady we taught once in a group like the tea party thing).  Valencia, a kid we’ve taught a couple of times just whenever we can find him.  We have no  other way of contacting him other than to pass by his house, and we’re not sure how interested he is, but he showed up at church so that’s something.  Isabel could have a lot of potential, but as of right now we have no contact info or her.

Jose is also doing great.  I don’t know if I said earlier, but he works on Sundays so he hasn’t been able to come to church, and until he has a solid testimony I don’t try to talk about changing work.  But we’ll get there.  He read the chapters we left him last week, twice.  He said it was hard to understand and then explained to us exactly what it all meant, so that was cool.  He also prayed for us!  It’s something he said is hard for him, so it was awesome to hear him pray.  I just love his sincere interest.  He just has such desires to know the truth and to know God.  He wants to believe, and I know Heavenly Father will bless him with a powerful testimony.  We taught part of the Plan of Salvation this week, and he was really into it.  He also said that he is going to talk to his wife and daughter about meeting with us as well.  He said his wife is not as open to this kind of stuff, and he actually hasn’t told he is meeting with us as yet, but he is going to tell her and invite her to listen as well.  That shows that this is something important to him if he is willing to take that step.  I’m really excited.  I hope we are able to teach them all.  

Juvenal ‘s doing pretty well, but he didn’t meet with us or come to church this week.  He did come play soccer with us but then said he couldn’t meet with us that afternoon because he already took time out of studying to play soccer.  :(  I’m hoping he’s just really busy lately and we’ll be able to meet again soon.

We had a lesson with Johnny which was really great.  He expressed some really sincere desires to learn more.  He committed to read and pray even though it’s been years since he prayed.  

Arthur is progressing along at his own pace.  He said he is down to 13 a day now.  Little by little. 

Some good news: I don’t know if you remember Merci and her family?  We’ve heard that they get back December 3rd, so pray that we’ll be able to find and teach them again.  

Well, I can’t think of any other news to share.  I’m super happy to be staying here in B5.  I’m really excited for this next transfer.  I feel like good things are going to happen for us here.  Wish me luck and keep praying!  I love you all a whole bunch!  Thanks for everything.

Elder Cousins

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