Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 26, 2013

Hey everybody! 

Happy Monday! This week I lost my agenda so we´ll see how well I remember everything that happened. That was really awful actually, we had a bunch of references written in it. Pero, bueeeeno. . . 

Actually some of our best investigators right now we met at that Filipino activity. We are teaching a family of 4, father, mother, son, cousin. And they are super cool! They have come to church twice already! It´s a little hard teaching them, it´s a crazy mix of English and Spanish and Tagalog (them speaking Tagalog, not us), but they are doing really well. We talked about baptism with them and gave them calendars and invited them to pray about a date for their baptism, but I´m not sure they really understood. We´ll have  to go over the calendars again this week. They also feed us every time we come over. :) 

This ward is swimming in Filipinos. I´ve decided it would be worth my time to learn Tagalog. New personal goal. Yesterday we passed by a less active member who is also Filipino. She sounds like she wants to go back to church and her husband is not a member, so there is a potential investigator there as well. Plus the 6 other Filipinos who live in her house.

This week was a little rougher on lessons. We´ve lost contact with Wilmer and with Gilma. It´s too bad, they both had a lot of potential, but it looks like they aren´t interested anymore. So we are on the look again. It´s hard to keep a balance. I feel like one week we teach a lot and the next we search a lot. I guess when we have a lot of lessons we get a little lax on contacting and finding. Something to work on there. 

We are continuing to work with Juan Carlos and with his not-wife more. We had a good lesson on Friday, I think, where he kind of opened up. He said he didn´t understand too much when we have read together, which is a valid point. We said that as he reads he will understand more and that of course we are always happy to answer questions and help to understand. He talked about how he wants to repent basically, to stop falling in mistakes and we told him that this was the way, little by little, reading, praying and going to church. I´ve felt like such a broken record this week, read, pray, go to church, over and over and over. But that is what people have to do to progress, to get a testimony and to make changes in their lives. Sometimes it´s frustrating when they just don´t do it. We taught Beto this week. His wife is a member and he has met with the missionaries for about a year already, but we found out this week that he has never read in the Book of Mormon and that he hardly prays, so we basically have to treat him like a new investigator, even though we were planning on setting a baptismal date with him. It´s a bit sad. 

We haven´t seen Rania this week, so I´m not really sure how she´s doing. Thank you for your prayers for her though. I know it will help.

We still live the 4 elders together. It gets a little crowded sometimes, mostly in the kitchen. I´m not district leader anymore but with live with him. Actually I haven´t been DL for a couple transfers. 

School still hasn´t started here, but people are starting to come back from vacations, so that´s good. Attendance in church has been going up the past couple of weeks. 

Well, can´t think of anything else for this week. I hope everyone is doing well and you get back in the habit of school quickly. You´ll have to let me know how your classes go. Take care everyone! I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Cousins

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