Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Now, on to the weekly update: Transfers. That´s it. We´ve spent nearly the entire week running from place to place all over Madrid delivering, building, un-building, and cleaning furniture. Finally things are calming down. I do like helping out and serving the other missionaries, though. We did manage to meet with Belén a couple times. She is as awesome as ever, but she decided that the 20 of June would be a better day for her baptism. We feel like it would be good for her to have a bit more time preparing and strengthening her testimony as well. 

Other than that we are still looking for people to teach. Which we had no time to do this last week. It´s hard sometimes not really having any work. But we´ll find people. The ward here is pretty awesome, so we are really going to focus on getting references from them. 

Sorry that I really don´t have much to tell this week.

Thank you Mom, for all you said. That was really nice. I really like that idea that we have to be a holy place. It´s something we really have to work at all the time, but I think that is how Heavenly Father wants us to be. Thank you for teaching throughout my life how to be a holy place and for always striving to make our house a holy place. 

That´s wild that you are going to be alone! You guys are empty-nesters! haha, I´m sure you´ll find fun stuff to do. Wish Sarah luck with all she has going on and tell not to get stressed. No worries :D 

I´m sorry this email is so short, but know that I love you and that I´m doing well. I hope everyone has an awesome week and that the girls have a good time at girl´s camp. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything you do, for your love and support and prayers everyday.

I couldn´t do this without you. Love you!

Elder Cousins

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