Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 16, 2013

Holy cow! You guys are in Hawaii?! That´s so legit! I´m not even mad! Send me pictures, OK? Speaking of which thanks for the pictures you sent, they´re great. I am very impressed by Erin´s gingerbread Tardis, and I´m glad that I got to be part of Christmas (that´s a really nice picture of me. . . ). 

So today is going to be super short, I have less than 15 mins right now. We are hoping to catch a train to Segovia to see the sights there. There is a super cool castle that we want to go to. 

Honestly, I´m not sure what to write about anyways. It´s been a pretty uneventful week. We spend an awful lot of time in the street talking to people, but my contacts are improving. Yesterday my companion got his fire back (he´s been pretty discouraged for 2 weeks now, which is hard), and he started helping me out with my contacts. Unfortunately our investigators are actually slowing down. Ambar just told us that she can´t meet for 2 weeks and Tatiana has fired us all week. I´m not really sure what we are going to do all week. . . But that´s part of the mission. Everyone accepts the gospel in their own time. That´s something I learned from your conversion story, Mom. Thank you so much for sending that. It was beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing something so special to you and the sacred feelings that go along with it. I´m grateful to you for making the right choice. I learned from reading your story that I am just a small part of the story of each person that I work with, but that each small part is important. You met with many missionaries and many members before being baptized and each one had their role to play. I am playing a part in each person´s story, and each will come to the gospel in their and God´s own time. I may not see the fruit of my labor in the mission or even in my lifetime, but I hope that someday a kid like me will say a prayer like mine thanking God that his parents made the right choices so that he could grow up with all the blessings with the gospel. Thank you Mom.

Yesterday we taught Edwardo for the first time. He is super cool and very curious about religion. He told us his background without us even asking, and he asked about how the church started so we were able to explain a little of the restoration. All of it was very natural and I have a lot of hope for him and his family. It was a little hard for me though because he had the Beatles playing while we were talking!

Gotta run! I love you guys! Have fun in Hawaii!! :D

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