Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 12, 2012

Hello. hello. hello.
So I am having a hard time thinking of exciting things from the last week. Hopefully they will come to me as I write. 

Some news that may be important. President changed everything this week, so transfers will actually be on Monday (my birthday) , instead of after Christmas. I´m pretty sure I´m staying and I´m sure my companion is leaving. Rumor is that I´m getting a native companion. That should be interesting. The Christmas Skype call should still be the same. I´ll try and do it about 9 or 10 your time.

Nothing is really new with the work. Our investigators are slowly progressing. Carlos read, but didn´t pray. We had a bastante fuerte lesson with Bea and Kancho, telling them that now is the time to make a decision and to pray about fechas for their baptisms. They have a lot of faith, but need to act on it. I hope they will do what they need to. Pray for them. 

Today was temple p-day. Afterword we went and played soccer for a little while. It was all the Elders from our piso with our macthing Spain jerseys (speaking of which, would you want a jersy, Mom? I found the Spain ones for really cheap this week). We played until the B8 Elders came and reminded Rigtrup and me about our eating appointment with Francisco. Dominican food is the best. I am stuffed right now. So that was fun.

Well, I still haven´t thought of anything super cool from this week, so just a few fun stories. We always eat with a Pervian family (their son is a recent convert, but the dad is not a member) on Thursday nights. So this week we went by and Carlos (our investigator) and his wife were there. They are also from Peru. Anyway, for some reason we started taking pictures during dinner and Elder Rigtrup and I were laughing because Peruvians never smile in pictures. Both these families have pictures up on their walls where they're so stern. So we decided to do Peruvian pictures with them. We have a bunch of pictures now where we look super angry. The funny part is that they all smiled for some reason, so it´s just us who look mad in the pictures.

Oh, something I just remembered! Next time you send a letter or package, could you include some pictures of the family? There have been so many occasions where I wish I had some. Most missionaries here carry around a few in their scriptures. Investigators and members love looking at them. That would awesome to have, but it´s not like a rush or anything. Thanks! By the way the Christmas card was great! Thanks for that and for the birthday card from Dad. And GO AGGIES! I can´t believe how good they´ve done! 

Speaking of sending stuff :), deoderant is definitely a must! They have next to nothing here, just some weird stuff that doesn´t work. Peanut butter wouldn´t be terrible either.

That sounds like a pretty fun trip on the train, you know, minus the cold and the crazy people. How long did it take to go from AF to Salt Lake? Is that how you're going to send me back to school when I get back? My luggage and everything on the train? I´ll probably be pretty used to that by then. 

Mom, I am so glad that reference to Nacho Libre make you think of me. ¨It´s fantastic, I love it!¨ But seriously, I am.

Well I´ve got to head! Tell everyone good luck with their tests and projects! I hope your next batch of caramels turn out better. I love you all and I hope I make you proud. Thanks for everything!

Elder Cousins

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