Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 14, 2012


Hmmm, that sounds like an interesting idea that the Zaldivars have. I guess it could work. I don´t know that I´ll ever serve in her area though. 

Hannah is going on a mission?! That is so cool! And to your homeland, haha! Tell her congrats and good luck from me. That´s awesome. 

That´s super sad about the tree! I love that tree :( I hope it recovers. Are the girls enjoying the snow at least. 

I´m glad the roadshow went well and that people did what they were supposed to, haha. You should e-mail or mail me some pictures from it and of the girls' halloween costumes. 

That should be fun having people over for Thanksgiving! We are having a Thanksgiving activity with all the missionaries in Madrid, so that should be cool. Oh and P-day will be on Thursday next week because of that, just so you know. Don´t freak out if the e-mail doesn´t come right away. Honestly, I don´t really know anything about the Holiday Season here in Spain because it hasn´t happened yet. I think that Christmas is not a big deal but Three Kings Day (I think that´s what it is called) is huge. They give presents for 3 days. That´s honestly all I know. 

I´ll include some pictures of the piso as well. So I guess I´m not really sure what kind of stuff you guys want to hear about. I don´t know if you´re interested in my investigators or more in P-day activities (today is a huge strike so everything is shut down. We´re just going to play soccer) or about culture or food or. . . I don´t know. Anyway, let me know what you´re more interested in and I´ll focus on that in the future. 

Well, on the week´s news! Really crazy week this week. Pretty rough as well. Our fecha with Albert fell through at the last minute. He decided he wasn´t ready and we realized it´s true. We got caught up in how fast he was progressing, but he still doesn´t understand some basic stuff, so we´ll keep working with him and helping him out. He really loves being with us and learning from us. He comes to soccer every Saturday and he was really worried that we wouldn´t want to hang out with him after he said he wasn´t ready to be baptized. We assured him we still loved him and want to see him. He´s such a good guy and he really wants to change. 

Probably the most exciting thing from this week is transfers! I am still here in Barrio 6 with Elder Rigtrup which is exactly what I wanted, so I´m happy. Unfortunately our pisomates have left and we have two new ones: Elders Levorson and Fisher. They seem like good guys, obedient and hard-working, but they are really quiet. Elder Rigtrup and I are. . . not. They are starting to warm up though. 

We ate with members a couple of times this week and had amazing food. We had some Peruvian potatoes with this delicious sauce and we had an Ecuadorian dish that was kind of like fried rice but with a different flavor and a bunch of different meats. It was so good! That´s my cultural spice for the week. Spain is a sweet mission because you get to learn perfect Spanish, but at the same time meet people from all over South America and learn a little about their cultures as well. It´s super cool!
Well, that´s all I can think of for the week. I hope everyone is safe and happy. Thanks for everything. I love you guys!

Elder Cousins

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