Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012

Hello again!

Good week this week, minus the fact that it´s been raining almost everyday and it´s gotten cold! It was something like 6 degrees yesterday (in Celsius of course, but still). Today we are planning on going out into the mountains about an hour outside the city to play in the snow.

Other news from the week: we´ve been working with Albert a lot this last week. We have taught him the first 3 lessons and set up a date for baptism for the 17th of November. He is such a miracle for us. He is the picture perfect ¨golden investigator.¨ When we invited him to be baptized he said ¨Yes, when?¨ Who says that?! It was awesome! He has been so prepared by the Lord.

Albert has been our main focus this week, but we have been meeting with Kancho and Carlos and Andres (who´s name is actually something else that I can´t spell). Our lesson with Tatiana fell through because of the rain, but hopefully we´ll see her again soon. They all seem to be doing well and the work is going well.

Other highlights from the week: we went on intercambios (exchanges) for the first time. I went with Elder Pluim who has about 9 months in the mission and is our District Leader. We did all of my appointments together and it was a little rough. I realized that Elder Rigtrup has been handling all the logistical stuff and that I am terrible at it. We were late to a bunch of appointments and I was really stressed out all day. But we got a date with Albert and we got to eat amazing Dominican food with a recent convert so it all turned out okay.

I gave my first blessing in Spanish on Thursday. We visited a member family and gave 3 blessings with oil. I anointed the first 2, but on the last one I decided I wanted to try the sealing. It was difficult, because my Spanish is not that great (especially because blessings are given in the informal and we always talk in the formal), but it was a really good experience. I found out after the appointment that the father, Carlos (who I blessed), is not actually a member, so we are planning on working with him. We are having dinner at their house tomorrow, so we´ll see how it goes. They also told me later in the cita that my Spanish sounded better than Elder Rigtrup´s, which he is still mad about, but it made me feel pretty good.

And that is the news for the week. Things are going great here. The Lord is really blessing us with a lot of work and with incredible people to work with. I know your prayers are a big part of that, so thank you.

Let´s see. In our apartment there are four of us: Elder Pluim, Elder Peña, Elder Rigtrup and myself. Elder Rigtrup is the oldest with 1 and a half in the mission and he likes to cook and talk about flying for the air force. Elder Pluim has 9 months and is in his first transfer out of the Canaries. He is a really cool guy and a good leader. Elder Peña is from Cadiz in the south of Spain, so he talkth like thith (except in Spanish). He entered the mission at the same time as me, but technically has less time because he was only in the MTC for 3 weeks. So I guess it is kind of a ¨trainer apartment.¨ We do live in an apartment building, which is 13 stories tall, so it´s huge-ish I suppose. It´s about as tall as the buildings in Madrid get. There are a total of 4 skyscrapers which constitute the entire skyline of Madrid. It´s pretty cool actually. In the states it might be common to live with members, but I doubt it would happen here. There really aren´t many members. The church is just starting it´s second generation here in Spain. Maybe I might outside of the big city. We´ll see.

I´m glad Erin had a good birthday despite the delays (life in the Cousins family, no?). Also, I got a talk that I believe was from her, so tell her thanks for me. I haven´t had a chance to read it yet, but I´m sure I will love it. Everything she sends is amazing.

Congrats to Bekah on her test scores! It sounds like a crazy hard test, but I knew you would do well. I hope you find the program you are looking for. 

Your Halloween costumes sound awesome! You´ll have to send me pictures next week. 

Well I have to go, but it´s always to good to hear from you and that you are all doing well. Thanks so much for all your love and prayers. I couldn´t do this without them. I love you all! And Mom, I love you a million Peruvian pancakes (they´re good, trust me).

Elder Cousins

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