Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 10, 2012

How are you? It´s so good to hear from you! I actually got to hear almost all of conference. We missed the last session because of the time difference. But I did hear the news! It´s crazy! All of us missionaries were blown away! That changes so much! Remember when I was deciding if I wanted to go to school or even do a full year or just work? No more worries with that anymore! And the Hermanas at 19! That´s wild! So many more of both are going to go now. That´s pretty cool for Addie, I´m glad she wants to go. I bet the same thing is happening with a lot of other parents right now. Actually the first person I thought of was Tiffany. She has always wanted to go as soon as possible, so I bet she is going to do the same. You should ask her mom about it.

The rest of conference was amazing, too! I loved it! I felt like there was a lot about missionary work as well, and a few things I could relate to. It was wild how every time they talked about the ¨full-time missionaries¨ I could think ¨that´s me.¨ Oh, and did you hear the Chariots of Fire story? That was pretty awesome. It made me think of Erin and how proud I am of her for making the same decision to not play on Sundays. I know how hard that must have been, but I know the Lord is blessing her for it. I´m proud of you Erin.

A typical day, huh? Well, I get up at 7:00, which is different than most missionaries. It´s also the winter schedule. Last week we got up at 7:30. We have a half hour of exercise and then an hour to get ready for the day. Studies start at 8:30 and last until 1:00. Then we go out and work for an hour which is a cita (an appointment) or else contacting. At 2:00 is mediodía, or siesta time! We have 2 hours to eat and we can take a half hour nap during that time. At 4:00 we go back out to proselyting work. We usually have a lesson with a recent convert or less active member (larc) and they feed us sometimes (depending on what time it is) so that´s pretty great. We are trying to meet with one member everyday to try and get to know some people and to get referencias. We spend some time calling referencias that we´ve gotten and we do contacting in the street. Honestly we have had one other lesson with an investigator since Andres. We are having a really hard time getting the few investigators we have to set up a cita with us and we need more people to teach. But, we are working hard and we´ve gotten a good number of referencias in the last few days so I´m hoping we get a new investigator out of at least one of them. I´m still confident I will get baptisms while I am here. We return home at 9:30 and have a half hour of planning and then an hour of whatever we want (last night it was P90X but that may change). And that´s a day.

I love you Mom (and you have no idea how good chocolate chip cookies sound right now. Chocolate chips don´t exist in Spain.) Oh, that reminds me, could you send me mucho más recipies please? My food is crap. I need to learn how to cook and what to buy. Thanks, I love you. 

Hey, Dad. (My keyboard is broken or that would have been an exclamation point)
I´m glad you got the pictures. Thanks for keeping them for me. I´ve gotten to see some pretty cool stuff, it´s true. Most of that is the downtown nice stuff. Around where we live and teach it´s mostly tall, red brick apartment buildings. But they are pretty nice, I don´t mind living in one anyway.
There are 9 wards in Madrid and we are Barrio 6, so we cover roughly a ninth of the city. It´s a pretty big area. Lots of walking and riding the metro. There are a lot of immigrants from South America though, and they are primarily who we teach. They are a lot more open to us and the gospel. Definitely a lot of people struggling from the crisis. Which is good and bad, some people are more humble and some are less interested.
No worries about the money, I just have the 200 in travel money left over and the 100 I got reimbursed for my luggage, so I am using that cash for anything I want to buy.
Yeah, I´m keeping pretty busy so far. Lots of contacting to do. We have actually only had one other lesson with an investigator since I last wrote, but it was pretty awesome so I'll write about that and then I have to go. They are actually una pareja (a couple), Kancho and Beatriz, who have been investigating for something like 3 years. They are awesome and want to get baptized, but they are not married and living together. But, when we visited them they said they are going to separate in order to be baptized. It was incredible. I´m so amazed by their faith and testimony. The sad part is Beatriz is moving to Barça so we won´t be able to baptize her, but Kancho I am hoping we will. They are planning on splitting in November, so we´ll see how things go.
Other than that we are just looking for people to teach. We´ve had a couple of cool experiences where Elder Rigtrup says he feels like we should go to an area and contact and we´ve gotten some great references. 
Well we´ve got to go eat so I will talk to you later. Thanks for writing. I love you all and I hope all is well.

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